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Technical Information


Hereby galvanization method is opplied prior to implementation of any other process on the product. Even though pre-galvanization is also a kind of hot-dip galvanization, it differs in terms of cooting thickness ond opplicotion order. in the simplest term, once the steel roll is opened, it posses through melted ommonium chloride (fiux) mixture, before being permonently submerged in molten zinc bath. After the zinc loyer is smoothed, it is rerolled, whereupon the manufacturer can use the sheet metal as row material.

The thickness of this homogeneous cooting vories between 10 um and 20 um (70 gr/m2 - 140 gr/m2) on surfoce. The materials, produced by pre-galvanized sheets of mentioned cooting thickness, should be primarily used in spoces where dry oir prevoils, such as indoor areos. They are not recommended in where relotively harmful substonces ond their indirect effects may couse corrosion. Consequently, it is possible to ottoin o more economic solution by preferring cable corries of pre-galvanized sheet metal in proper sites over those cooted by hot-dip galvanization.

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Hot-Dip Galvanization

In simplest terms, Hot-Dip Galvanizaotion (HDG) meons submerging iron or steel materials with due composition ond design in hot basins of liquid zinc, once they undergo appropriate cleaning phose. Hot-Dip Galvanizing method prevents corrosion even under numerous atmospheric environments. A hot-dipped design can preserve its originol strength for yeors, without requiring maintenance or repoir.